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Update: Monetary Penalty Appeal

2nd October 2018

On the 30th of July STS Commercial submitted an Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal, asking for the Information Commissioner's (IC) decision to impose a Monetary Penalty on our Company of £60,000 be overturned.

We are pleased to announce that at the appeal, when presented with our grounds, the IC has agreed to dispose of the Monetary Penalty, and to apologise to us officially on their website for their conduct in the investigation. We've always maintained that we did not do anything wrong. The conduct of the IC's dealings fell short of what would be expected from an ICO investigation. The decision by the IC to impose the Monetary Penalty was unreasonable in the circumstances and the conduct of her inquiries and the cavalier approach caused damage to our reputation, and could have resulted in the loss of up to 20 jobs to the Welsh economy.

"It's a crazy world we live in, where the regulator can issue fines without evidence, instead of first having a simple conversation to resolve any issues. Spending money on legal costs defending yourself against an unjust action makes for a hollow victory, but in principle we have stood up for all businesses regarding their information rights."

Please direct any questions to [email protected]

STS Commercial Ltd vs ICO

Monetary Penalty

6th July 2018

On the 4th July the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) issued a monetary penalty of £60,000 against STS Commercial Ltd. The company has until the 4th August 2018 to appeal this decision, which it shall be doing.

We have fully cooperated with the ICO in their investigations, but were not given identifying details of the alleged 268 complainants, in respect of which the decision is founded upon, such as phone numbers and message content, to enable us to properly investigate. Without such details about the complaints, it was not possible to investigate their validity. When we asked the ICO for this critical information, they were unable to provide it. In an email with a representative of the ICO they stated:

"Whilst the Commissioner considered using her powers to extract the necessary information from Vodafone she concluded that to do so would be disproportionate in terms of the time and available resources."

STS Commercial Ltd operate within the law, do not accept the ICO’s findings of fact in their investigation, and do not accept any wrong doing. We will be appealing within the 28 day deadline, and ask that our reputation remain untarnished until the conclusion of the appeal.

Please direct any questions to [email protected]

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